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    We believe that early childhood education is something that should be available to all children, regardless of their race, income, sex, religion, place of birth, ancestry, citizenship, disability, and familial background. Our aim is to improve the lives of all children by providing high quality early education, health solutions, and an all around better well-being for the children of southern California. Serving San Diego County, the Smarty Patch Foundation has partnered with local preschool, Children’s Paradise, to create services that prepare all children for kindergarten and beyond.

    The Facts

    In a recent study done by the Economic Policy Institute in 2015, results found that the learning gap is not only continuing to grow, but larger than ever.

    Their results proposed that:


    Children in the highest socioeconomic bracket have reading and math scores that are a full standard deviation higher than the scores of their peers in the lowest socioeconomic group.


    Children in the middle socioeconomic bracket have a reading and math score that is half the amount of the highest socioeconomic bracket.


    Children of Black and Hispanic heritages tend to have the greatest disadvantages in math and reading due to links between minority and social class status.

    The math is clear: those in a higher social class outperform children in high-risk situations.

    That’s where we come in.

    What We Do

    Our mission is to help at-risk families by providing educational and other health related services to their children.

    We believe that every child in our community has the opportunity to realize their full potential through high quality early education, and that when given the proper tools to advance within society, they are able to thrive.

    We achieve this mission by patching the gap between other city, state, and federal assistance programs to provide consistent education throughout the early years of childhood.

    Are there other sources of funding available to at-risk homes? Yes. But with our help, issues in late documentation, delays in funding or approval, short-term job loss, and high medical expenses, are no longer issues. Instead, we patch the gap allowing children to continue on with their education, no matter the situation. With our donors’ help, we work hard to provide tuition scholarships, funding for clothes and food, school supplies, healthcare referrals, special needs and language assistance, counseling, mentoring, and tutoring services to all children.

    However, we don’t stop there. The Smarty Patch Foundation proudly offers support to parents and families as a whole. It is our belief that a strong parent role model is the basis for a successful future, which is why we help parents with creating stronger parenting skills to help in their child’s development. Our programs include interactive parent/child workshops, topical symposiums, parent counseling, and the creation and dissemination of curricula.

    The Smarty Patch helping arms don’t stop in one community though. We work hard to extend our services to any community that has limited access to high quality education. Through a network of dedicated grantors, along with available resources, we provide the proper means to raise the standards and facilities in the area.

    Our vision for the Smarty Patch Foundation is to enrich the lives of all children from all walks of life, while helping our donors establish a meaningful relationship with the cause. We encourage you to keep yourself updated with the Smarty Patch Foundation to see how your generous donation is making a difference in the lives of children across the county.

    It is a big job ahead of us, which is why we need the help of potential donors, like you, to help see the Smarty Patch Foundation to fruition.